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tachy at night


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I am new to the forum and very grateful to find I am not alone! Can you help me? I have been efficiently treated for a range of autonomic nervous system disorders over the years. My main problem now is tachycardia starting during sleep, which seems to stop me getting to any deep level of rest at all :blink: . I would appreciate hearing from you if you have the same problem, even if you are yourself still searching for a solution.

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Welcome to the board! Sorry you are having to deal with this but it's always good to have a new friend! :D

I don't know what you've already tried. I have had some issues with this as well. I have extreme tachy and then I get brady (although I now have a pacemaker that helps with this end of the spectrum).

I tend to have some of my worst tachy spells in the middle of the night and it's very frustrating. Propping my head up hasn't helped me but elevating the head of my bed 2-3 inches has offered some help. Although, I have to say, I didn't think it was helping until I placed it flat and discovered I felt worse.

The other thing that seems to help me is to not eat after 7pm (I usually go to bed around 11pm). I've found if my body isn't having to do other things (digestion) then it doesn't have to flucuate blood flow etc so much.

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Guest Finrussak

Hi and even though I am "new" I guess its ok to say welcome

It so relieving to find "others' out there!!!

again and again I am amazed to find others with my wacky stuff. I have even called Beverly at Dr Grubbs whining that why do I have tachy in middle of night if my primary problem is orthostatic intolerance and yet Im not being orthostatically challenged while lying there!!! She just chuckled and reminded me of my POTS part... I have played with some things...like eating carbs plus protein ( gluten free bread plus nutella spread) about 2 hrs pre-bed...I know I know we are all so different, but empty stomach makes my blood sugar drop and then shakes and tachy follows sparking a full dysauto episode. If I am awakened even in middle of night and it seems I wont be able to go back within minutes I even have a light snack then too...or half a bottle of ensure plus...not enough to cause prandial tachy but enough to keep blood sugar steady.

Also relaxation tapes ( music or directed like 'tense this muscle' types) before bed drops the resting heart rates enough to temper the spike. Ive also found that when my other stuff is better under control it doesnt happen as much. Like if my blood sugar swings are ok or my Lyme isnt flaring. Maybe if you try to keep a journal to see what if anything worsens or improves things...you may even be surpirsed that something you ate 2 days before has an effect.

And the best advice I have ( and I had to learn...it was hardest) is to go with the flow...I have now learned to think of it as " AIR-robics" exercise from breathing air.

( although at 3 AM it IS a bit harder to be so accepting)

Good Luck

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Hello and Welcome!

Sorry to hear that you have tachy during sleep. Does it wake you up throughout the night? I have tachy when i am trying to fall asleep and also like steph said, when i wake up in the morning. I'm not sure if it affects my quality of rest or not. Have you been to a sleep clinic? I'm not sure if they would be able to help with that sort of thing. Also, are you on a beta blocker?


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Thank you so much for all of your replies - you know who you are! I have never used a forum before so I feel really encouraged. I do hope you receive this ok, and I will be sending some of you individual replies in a day or two when I have had a chance to absorb all the information you have given me. After reading your posts, I realise that you may find it helpful to know the following: I am on beta blockers at night, a moderate dose SSRI for anxiety (very successful), have multiple food intolerances and have had tachy on and off for many years, mostly untreated until the last three years. I am just starting to sleep with my head elevated. I am able to work and exercise reasonably normally, and use relaxation techniques when necessary. In the meantime many thanks again for your support and wishing you good luck.

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