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Is cold weather as bad as hot weather for POTS?


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i have trouble in the cold - in fact i had issues with cold before i had issues with heat...not the norm, but i like to be unique B) (some of my first syncopal episodes were a result of being too cold).

my problems with the cold though are definitely different than my issues with the heat/humidity. cold doesn't tend to ramp up my tachycardia/POTS but more my NCS (blacking out without warning, or after just getting really cold).

it takes prep but i do tend to have an easier time keeping myself warm in the cold with LOTS of layers than cooling down in the heat. and i don't have as much issue with a short spell in the cold, i.e. getting to the car, as i do with a quick trek in the heat. it takes me longer to have the bad affects from the cold, i.e. when clearing off my car with snow...something i won't even be attempting this year, than from the heat.

it varies a lot from person to person though & in general i'd say it seems less people have problems in the cold than in the heat. hopefully you'll be one of them!

:) melissa

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Hi Jennifer,

My daughter LOVES the cold weather! The colder the better! She has the A/C on high in the summer and the heat low in the winter. She does better physicallyand mentally in the winter, and we're right in the heart of the snow belt east of Cleveland! :blink: The more snow the better. She actually starts feeling better right about now as long as the weather stays in the 70's, until about May. Also, like Poohbear said, the humidity is a killer for her.

I hope you get some relief soon.


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