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Horseback riding


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I guess it depends on your own capacity. I would not dare do it because I don't have enough standing time (2-5 minutes) and warning.

A friend of mine has her ownl horse and she does not ride him anymore since fainting riding it. She did not hurt herself bad but it really frightened her.

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If your doctor says it's ok, I would try it. I would defintely not try riding if I have had problems with fainting, but otherwise, I would think you would be ok. I have ridden/taken lessons--but not since diagnosis--but that would not stop me. What do the lessons entail? B/c trotting, for example, does require use of your legs--it is actually good for strengthening your legs! Walking, your legs would be pretty relaxed.


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i used to ride A LOT and loved it, but it was all prior to major symptoms &/or diagnosis. in regard to orthostatic stress, too would say that it depends a lot on the type of riding & on what you're comparing it too. generally speaking riding is an excellent work-out for the legs....the relaxed legs is generally for walking but like catherine said there is a lot of "leg activity" required for trotting & anything beyond. much of the direction/communication with your four legged friend comes from your legs (ideally!)

that said, i would say that it depends a lot on "where you are" symptom wise in regard to whether riding might be a good thing. at times since my diagnosis i think it would have been fine &/or good for me, at times not. there is quite a bit of moving around though so i'm guessing that wouldn't be so spiffy for some with symtoms of movement-induced nausea, tachy, etc. i never had that issue when i rode but that was long ago so can't give the "since i've had OI/NCS/POTS" version. and obviously it's not a good idea to be blacking out while riding, but there aren't too many things that are "good" to be doing while blacking out!

good luck with your decision. i'm jealous that you're even considering it!

B) melissa

p.s. are you looking into english or western??

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