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Unrelated to POTS or NCS


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I apologize in advance for posting this, but please try to read it, I need your help. It doesn?t have anything to do with POTS but if true IBS, it is considered a dysautonomia and I?m wondering if it?s a symptom of things yet to come.

My daughter, who just turned 14 a few weeks ago, has had stomach problems for over 2 years. She gets severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, traveling in the car triggers her symptoms and certain smells trigger her symptoms. She has stopped playing sports and doesn?t like to ride in the car anymore.

I?ve taken her to 4 different doctors concerning this problem. The first one, her pediatrician didn?t know what to make of it, so they sent her to this jerk pediatric GI doctor. He interviewed her for 10 minutes and told her that she had irritable bowel syndrome. She has never had any blood work or diagnostic imaging done. She has missed over two months of school already since Christmas because she spends half her day in the bathroom or rolling around on the floor in pain.

When she started complaining of smell upsetting her stomach, I decided to take her to an allergist. She is allergic to dozens of things, environmental and food products. The allergist told her not to eat wheat products or peanuts ever again. They said with her numerous allergies that her body has probably been pushed over the edge.

After a month of not having any wheat or peanut products, she is still having the same symptoms. I finally got her into see a different pediatric GI doctor at a different hospital. They are going to do an upper and lower GI in two weeks to see if she might have colitis, but she too things it is probably irritable bowel. All though she is concerned about the amount of time she spends in the bathroom.

I?m now sorry that I haven?t read all of the postings about gut motility that you guys have posted, not sure if they would have provided answers or not.

Sometimes it is hard being a single mom with a chronic illness, taking care of a child with this kind of problem.

Any insight you guys might have about this or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Dear Briarrose,

No matter how hard our personal healing adventures become, they seem so much easier than when we have to watch our children suffer. Gentle hugs your way.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things and following up the best you can. My friend's son (16) has also missed a tremendous amount of school this year do to diarehea and vomiting.

I think the allergist is a good bet, I'd wonder about dairy. I know when I went off wheat and dairy (for over one year, many of my symptoms improved.) The other piece of the puzzle for me was systemic candida. They can do a simple blood test to see if your daughter had high levels of internal yeast. My doctor used immunolabs.com, but I think other people do this test as well. Systemic yeast infection can look just like IBS. And it's simple to "cure" -- some people use an intial dose of anti-fungal but then it's all about diet. No sugar. Really no sugar. No fruit, no maple syrup, no ice cream, no cake, no nothing. Ok, it's not so simple to carry out. We are addicted to sugar and the feelings of clinical depression can accompany the withdrawal. But if you can stick with it -- it passes. I noticed improvement in 2 months and stayed on a strick anti-candida diet for probably 9 months. I've been tested twice now over the last 2 years and I continue to be candida free! I've gone back to a small amount of sugar (both natural and processed) but will always keep this a very small part of my diet.

If you want to read more about candida:




Good luck dear, my sense is your personal journey and the wisdom you have gained will be the most important factor in your daughter's healing process.


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