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any pots books out there?

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Are there any books that talk about POTS? Or do you just have to read the research papers? Anybody know if there is an easy way to get research papers nowdays? Or do you still have to go and do it the old way-find the journal and copy? I know sometimes a link will come up and you can access it for so long for 10 -15 dollars, but that would get too expensive. Jennifer TX

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jennifer -

NDRF has a book that you can download for free at http://www.ndrf.org/NDRFHandbook.htm

there are also various handouts, etc. under the "help yourself" link at the top of the forum if you haven't perused that. the direct link is


i have a few other books myself but some are textbooks in nature & pretty technical. one other book that comes to mind that is written for the "layperson/ patient" is The Fainting Phenomenon by Dr. Grubb. i'm pretty sure you can get it on the NDRF site.

there have been some other postings on chronic illness in general that should come up if you do a search.

regarding journal articles, some have "free access" at times, particularly 6+ months after publication, but otherwise it's still either copying or paying for the online access generally. if you have access to a university library they are sometimes accessibile electronically for no charge to access so that you only have to pay for the actual printing cost (usually 10-15cents/page)...this varies a lot from school to school.

hope this helps...

:D melissa

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