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Suppose to have colonoscopy.. :(


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Hey folks..

I have been meaning to post about this now for a few days.. but figured that I had better wait till I wasnt feeling so angry about!! :rolleyes:

Well on thursdayi went and seen the GI doc finally.. I have been waiting over 2 months to get in..

Well as you all know I have been having a great deal of GI "distress" (that is an understatement!! pain is more likely word!!).. and I was finaly able to get into to see this guy.. well he was very Uh.. whats the word..abrupt.. rude..insensitive..narrow minded..JERK!!!

I was trying to tell him everything that has been going on with regards to the tummy.. and he kept cutting me off and interrupting me!! I would start talking and he would stop me or like I said interupt me an dflat out not listen to me..

So I got like as far as telling him that I have diarrhea and severe stomach pain.. and he stopped me..I never did get to tell him about theall the other lovely things going on with my "insides" (i.e--severe nausea.. fevers..chills..violent puking.. on more!!)

He was just a big JERK!!

the only reson he found out of the bleeding is because he asked....

then he concluded that he wants to do a colonoscopy.. I told him that I have POTS.. he did not know what that was. (that is no surpirise) so I tried to tell him and he actually gave me the hand!! he put his hand up to stop me from talking!

I wanted to talk to about about my concerns about having this test done.. since i have pots.. and my BP does bottom out on pain medication..and that that combined with possible dehydration.. is not going to create a pretty picture.. trust me I am speaking from experience!

I wanted to know if I was going to recieve IV antibiotics before the proceddure.. due to a past heart surgery.. and if I was going to recieve IV fluid during before and after the test.. and ya know if anybody there assisting.. has any idea on how to deal with a potsy patient..

I know that you all know that our bodies can react crazy to things.. and I really do not want a repeat of JUne's episode with regards to pain meds.. I havent been right since!

So this is where I am at now.. I have drop and email w/cardio.. and am scheduled to see Dr. grubb next month.. so I want to talk with them both before I have this..

and I am going to call my PCP tomorrow and get a referral to antoher GI doc.. I am just really not to keen on having this done 1. with a doc who was so very RUDE! and uncaring to me and 2. with no medical provider around with a lick of knowldge on pots..3.. the DUDE would not let me voice my concerns with testing.. and m other health issues..

So He is FIRED!!!

But thank you for letting me vent this all out.. and i still would appreciate any input in regards to the colonoscopy.. i dont think that there is any way around this.. not with what is going on..

thanks guys!!

sending big Hugg"s your way!


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Hi Dizzy,

I'm very sorry that you had to deal with this person who studied meds but forgot to take the course: bedsidemanners.

Maybe next time some doctor is treating you like this you can say: well, if you don't have the time to listen to me I better leave now! I think that might calm them down.

I can understand that you feel mad, after waiting such a long time and then be treated like this. You did the best thing: fire him!!! Can you ask your PCP to inform the doctor he wants you to see and explain about the POTS? That's what I did, so when I step (sorry: wheel :) ) into a doc's office, he already knows there is a problem.

Best wishes to you Dizzy, I really hope you can find yourself a good new doctor!


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Hi Linda,

Every time I read a post like yours I get infuriated!! These pompous (sp?) idiots need to be put in their place! I'm so glad you fired the jerk! :) . Chrissy's had two colonoscopies and a few endoscopies. She had one of each b/f her diagnosis of POTS (actually trying to figure out what was wrong). After her diagnosis she's also had them and was just a little more queasy than normal and needed a wheelchair to leave the hospital b/c of weakness from the anesthesia. Otherwise she didn't have too much trouble. They did have her on a saline IV to prevent dehydration though.

I hope you find a new Doc soon.


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My husband recently had his first colonoscopy and did not have any problems other than gagging down the vast amount of fluids (electrolytes) that they make you drink for preparation - fortunately that was enough to keep him hydrated. When he was talking to the doctor afterward, he was told that he could ask for the Gatorade prep the next time which would at least be an improvement in taste.

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I would rather put my health into jeopardy and have no doctor if all I could find was Docs like that---------I would have to fire every one of them.

I'm at a point to where I won't tolerate it anymore. I finally stood up to one neurologist who talked to me with such disrespect that it was obvious to his intern working under him. The intern looked embarrassed for me. He looked like he wanted to say something in my defense, but of course his internship would be in trouble, so he just quietly continued to look embarrassed for me.

It's terrible that Doctors treat their patients like that----especially when you feel so horrible that you too weak to defend yourself. And of course your almost always caught off guard that a Doc could be that way to a patient----and that in itself can cause a person to be speechless.

It just so happened that I was having a bad day the day this so called neurologist called me to exclaim in delight that he felt there was absolutely nothing wrong with me----and that everyhting I had wrong with me was manifested in my mind. So in having this bad day I was ripe for the pickings---------and I had some fresh words for this excuse for a Doc. I was so happy he caught me on one of my good cognitive days----and I was able to set him straight. I ended up writing a letter of complaint to the president of the hospital he work for, and the president sent me a letter of apology. It's pretty serious business to treat patients like they are less then human, so naturally they should answer for it, even if it's just firing them, and you did just that----so feel proud of yourself for not tolerating this kind of treatment from this Doctor wanna be.

Having a colonoscopy is very serious business for POTS patients as we are more likely to have complications. This GI Doc you saw is obviously not real bright, as he did not take the time to listen to some very pertinent information that needed to be charted to avoid complications during the colonoscopy.

I hope you can find a good GI that can help you get answers---and make you feel better.

Take care,

Julie :0)

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