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Are your Palps scarey?


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Hi all.

Latley ive been having Palpatations, now they seem normal, like they always do, but each and every time i have them there always scarey. I get a big thud and often when it happens i cant swollow, and i have to grab something, it happens for a minute second., HR then becomes rapid, i feel anxious and scared then returns to normal. All this in a matter of 30 seconds.

I get these id say about 5 times a day, i know some of you get them more, but the whole experience is horrible, its like the worst thing you wanna go through, but it happens in a split second, then its gone.

Ive look at a few posts on here about your experiences. Id love to view some posts on this subject. Ive read a ew manuals on why this happens, and it seems correct to whatim having, but as i said palps are horrible, dont you agree?

I get them around 5 times a day, normal day, maybe about 15 on a BAD day. When do you get them and are they sometimes hard to brush off?

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I've tried to years to "get use" to the ectopic beats. Most of the time I 've been fighting them ... trying to figure out what to do so they won't happen. Gee they happened when I sat down to quickly ... so I won't do that again. Oh, they happened when I got angry, better not yell again. Etc.

My cardio has assured me that in my case these are perfectly harmless -- easy for him to say.

Here are my two recommendations:

There is a really cool post on the web I came across earlier this year:


Don't have any idea who wrote it. But I loved it. Printed it out. Talked about it with my doctor and printed it so I could read it over and over until some of it sunk in.

If you find that you still can't seem to "settle" when you have one of these thuds and that indeed they are making you feel anxious just waiting for them to happen again. Then I'd recommend listening to this woman from Australia, Dr. Claire Weekes who talks about sensitization and how some of us have exagerated responses that we come to fear which ofcourse sets up a whole cycle of response - fear - response - fear.

Dr. Weekes has a talk out on audible.com now calls Pass Through Panic. And the site even has a free 10 minutes you can listen to to see if this might be of interest to you in your journey.


Good luck.


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