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Overdid it again


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So I was at the gym doing my PT, had a new workout to try and it just ended up being too much. HR went back to its old ways hitting 193 high and a 159 average (my new average is closer to 140). Took a while to bring my heart rate down, went into my zone out survival mode on the couch and could just feel the inflammation. 

Ended up using ice packs to help cool down which helped inflammation greatly and hydrated a bit with some Gatorade, still down a bit. 

anyone else basically shut down to survival mode when you’ve overdone it? And any tips/tricks for recuperating? 

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29 minutes ago, Sushi said:

For how long does your HR stay over 100? High heart rates for prolonged periods is something you might want to consult your doctor about?

Depends on if I overdo it or not. Today I was back below 100 after 15 minutes once the workout was finished.  Usually it is faster though. 

I have POTS so high heart rates are common for me, the duration just gets prolonged to varying extents when I overdo it.  My doctor did say that things can and will worsen if I overdo it, unfortunately it can be trial and error to figure out what exactly is overdoing it

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@Ginger_ Overdoing things is one of my worst triggers, and it took a LONG time for me to learn what my limits are. Fortunately by now I know when to stop based on my symptoms. I had to listen to my body and respond to the signals it gives me. For example - I cannot stand for more than 2 minutes or I pass out, so when my legs start feeling heavy  I immediately sit down, even if I have to sit in the aisle of a store. That is why I have a seated walker or a small portable camp stool with me when I know I have to be on my feet. Basically I spend more time resting than active, and when I have to do a chore ( like mopping ) I rest, do part of the chore, rest, finish, rest. 

Physical Therapy can be tricky. I once had to get PT for a pinched nerve in my neck. Fortunately the therapist knew about POTS and only did exercises that I could do sitting or lying down. 

Next time you do your PT pay close attention to the signals your body gives you. Some days you might be able to do 10 reps and other days only 8. If you feel you had enough rest before you go to the next exercise. Don't compare what you can do with others - and dont let the therapist push you beyond what you can handle. 

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