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Does anyone get this symptom

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Long time diagnosed 2012 Vandy and then Ohio so I know that many of my symptoms are autonomic chaos based but it’s now12 plus years later I’ve progressed not in the right direction and a lot this may be that I’m person who was diagnosed later then many I was 58 so to ther health issues were mSke d and vice Versa. Question is about stimulation but it used to be loud noise fluorescent lights then progressed to movement and an almost seizure like affect if I’m a car and sides of my eyes catch the shadows of trees  ( don’t drive much anymore ) I had special dark and like horse  mask glasses made to  over the sides but in past year or so I have trouble with conversations on the phone. Can be a good or bad one a friend or a stranger if I’m in for longer then maybe ten minutes instant to get red and shakes feeling inside ( same feelin my legs have when not in compression hose and I find self taking faster and faster is this autonomic or something else. I am much more isolated then used to be tween the pandemic and then just people not understanding my  health issues  fading away as I became less and less the social and active person I was , thanks any honest input welcomed, 

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Hello @Dystasysta I am so sorry to hear this! I know exactly what you are going through, I too am severely sensitive to stimulation. Talking on the phone, the shadows of trees when driving, noises, lights - everything you mention triggers me too. I had to pretty much withdraw from any social activities and contact for years, which left me isolated and depressed. What helps me is planning my activities carefully. If I have a doctor appt I rest the day before and after. I schedule all trips to offices or banks etc first thing in the morning, when I have the most energy, then take the rest of the day off. Cleaning or laundry get done throughout the day as I feel like it. 

I have been disabled for ten years, so I have had time to learn to listen to my body, and this has given me some quality of life back. I find that I cannot do what others can, or whenever I want to. On bad days things may have to wait, or appointments may have to be cancelled. On good days I have to make sure I allow myself enough rest. 

It is important that we are good to ourselves, and having social interaction is - for most people - a necessity. Try to schedule a phone call with a friend or family member when you feel up to it, find a hobby or activity that you enjoy ( I do knitting ). Surround yourself with things you enjoy ( plants, a pet, good books etc ). 

I used to live in an extremely rural area and this made the isolation worse. I could not drive anywhere since we lived over an hour away from any town. I moved to a rural town and now can walk to the bank, or post office, or my doctor. Getting out and seeing people and becoming more active has DEFINITELY helped my well being, and even some of my symptoms! Be patient and kind with yourself, and try to find things everyday that you enjoy, or that you are thankful for. Best wishes!!!!!

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