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Finding old viruses still active in the body.


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There is the strong belief that viruses like EBV that remain active in the body are responsible for more chronic illnesses in life. 

I once went to a functional practitioner who claimed that they had cured a patient's issues by clearing and old strep virus still active in his knee. 

With that in mind, I find this passage in the newest Health Rising blog fascinating. 



She noted that researchers are not good at finding viruses buried deep in a patient’s tissues that have adapted themselves to hide out from the immune system. Because the genetic material from the viruses tends to show up less and less in the blood over time, Proal stated that we have to get into the tissues to see if they are present.

These viruses don’t need to replicate to be causing problems. They can change the gene expression of the cell. By stealing resources from them, they can inhibit mitochondrial function. They can express proteins that interfere with the ability of an immune cell to fight off other viruses. (Over the past decade, an Ohio State University team has been demonstrating that a protein produced by EBV called EBV dUTPase may be doing just that in ME/CFS.)

Michael VanElzakker, Proal’s partner at PolyBio, hypothesized that in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) small viral infections around the vagus nerve could be impacting its ability to transmit immune signals to the brain but, short of an autopsy, finding evidence of those viruses has been difficult in the extreme. Biopsies are limited to certain tissues and even then can be misleading as only small areas can be assessed. 

If you want to read more about the new tech to find these viruses, read the blog. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they have much in the way with clearing all these viruses when they do find them yet. 

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