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Do I have POTS?


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This is a very good article - 

https://franklincardiovascular.com/do-i-have-pots/#:~:text=Many physicians do what is,increase over 30 beats per

What was really validating was this - 

Patients with POTS have various other autonomic dysfunction symptoms, such as irritable bowel, abnormalities with sweating, temperature regulation and bowel and bladder function abnormalities..

Therefore, it is not an all or none phenomenon in autonomic dysfunction to diagnose or not diagnose POTS based on heart rate responses.

Many of the other symptoms of POTS, which are visceral pain, motility disorders of the GI tract and bladder, chronic pain, headaches, dizziness and fibromyalgia-type symptoms actually reflect abnormal central processing of inflammation relayed by the nucleus and solitary tract (NTS) and the parabrachial nucleus (PBN).





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19 hours ago, MikeO said:

Well as i know POTS is that upon standing your heart rate will go up with out a drop in bp. is that what you are seeing?

Yes, first thing in the morning. But I can also have orthostatic intolerance during the day or evening. 

What was nice to read and confirmed my observations is that I have a generalized autonomic dysfunction that isn't severe/consistent enough to fall into a label or drug intervention, but it does affect functioning, and I am doing all the non drug interventions to keep it going. 

What I also know is that my left side is most affected in a flare and as long as I can keep it moving, I can minimize the duration of the flare. 

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