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Physical therapy and dropping oxygen


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Hello I had a pots question. I recently started physical therapy which has been great. The physical therapist has a daughter with pots. We’ve really been working on getting exercise without my heart rate spiking about 80-100, doing slow isometric movements with recumbent bike which is different from the plan I was given by my doctor to walk with 125 bpm heart rate 15 min a day a struggle honestly. However we are noticing my oxygen drops when I walk. When I first come in to see her she checks it it’s low 90’s. Today when transitioning from the workout area to the bike area while walking it dropped again 98-94. It’s constantly low when I first come to see her as she checks my vitals. Her theory is that it happens when I walk which could explain why I struggle with symptoms and fatigue with walking. Does this happen to anyone else. We tried to different pulse oxygen machines to make sure it wasn’t the equipment same thing keeps happening.

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Apparently people with POTS can have a drop in circulation to their extremities on standing / when symptomatic. If you are measuring oxygen levels with one of those gadgets that goes on a finger, it will register that drop.

Dr Nick Gall addresses this briefly in the following Q&A video in a question starting at 16.10. (The question isn't specifically about this, but he talks about pulse oximeters during his answer.)

Video is very dark, sorry, but it's only talking so the fact you can't see anyone doesn't really matter :-)


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