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Hi everyone! I have just had a relapse in my pots. This time around my blood pressure is low when I stand for just a min. I'm getting older and I was doing ok for about 3 years. Now I'm bedridden. No Dr really knows how to help me and I don't tolerate meds well. I have been on xanax for over 10 years which did help and Phenergan for nausea. Since my blood pressure drops now and my heart rate goes about 55 bpm within a minute of standing i don't know what to take. I was given paxil to try and the dr said i may feel worse at first. well that's not something i wanted to hear. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on what meds helped them and did you have low blood pressure? Thank you for any help! I have no quality of life.

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@Grammylm -- sorry to hear about your relapse. That stinks and is so frustrating!! I also struggle to keep my BP "normal" and just discovered Vitassium. Have you tried salt tablets yet? I also use Florinef, but honestly, I think Vitassium works better. I also use LMNT, which is an electrolyte packet. It is marketed as keto friendly, which is great b/c it doesn't mess with my blood sugar. Those two, Vitassium and LMNT, are the best electrolytes I've found for me...and I've tried a lot at this point. Finally, I wear waist high compression tights ever day, 20-30mmHg. I put them on when I wake and don't take them off till I get ready for bed at night. I like the Jomi brand you can buy on Amazon -- they aren't "grandma" tights and come in different colors, with and without toes, etc. Oh, and since it is winter in my area I've been sipping on broth when I get tired of electrolytes and want something warm. There are a lot of great flavors and types you can get at the grocery store - bone broth, flavored broth, etc. Can make your own broth too! 

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