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Tilt questions!

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When unable to access a Tilt with blood draw, seems that uk doctors would likely just diagnose PoTS, rather than H PoTS? 

Feels very important to establish subtype(s). 

Is a catecholamines urine test a helpful substitute to confirm H PoTS? 

Does this test often give false negatives (for example if not stored properly etc)?


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@Looking_for_light a TTT CAN show HPOTS if the BP and HR go up AND you have symptoms. My first ever TTT showed NCS and the second one was clearly positive for HPOTS but not correctly interpreted by the cardiologist ( who did not know about the difference between the types of POTS ). Yes, it is not uncommon to have false results from TTTs, they are not the golden standard. My autonomic specialist diagnosed me based on the TTT, my symptoms and he drew catecholamine labs after lying down for 30 minutes and then after walking 30 minutes ( I could still do that back then, haha! ). The results came back after two weeks and both were elevated - anything above 600 is positive and mine were 900. That was what solidified my diagnosis. I am not sure if the urine catecholamine is as definite as the blood test. HPOTS can be diagnosed by symptoms alone but many docs want to confirm with the elevated adrenaline levels. 

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