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Big chain vs Independent pharmacy


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Anyone know which is better for chronic illnesses? Walgreens vs a local neighborhood pharmacy? I only have 4 prescriptions all 90 day supply. Trying to pick between the two. Walgreens is more convenient but in the past at a different location I had trouble with colanor prescription when I call to refill saying they can’t find my prescription? Don’t know if this is different at different locations? Found an accredited pharmacy 5-11 minutes away from me. Seems very community driven with great reviews praising staff. Think I know which is better but would like to hear what route other people go/ other experiences?

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Walgreens has so far been ok for me i just don't like the long lines at times and the Pharmacist being so busy they rush thru explaining a new med or rush to look up any interactions.

I do like the Homey feeling that a neighborhood pharmacy can bring. I would pop in and scope it out. 

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