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Bodily Functions are amazing.


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Im sitting here listing to the news and all the drama thats happening in the world today, loads of people dieing ect. And i started to think about how my body works and actually began to scare myself. I look at pop stars, idols, TV Stars, Movie stars and always think 'Do they live life without thinking' you automaticlly think that they live there daily lives without getting paranoid, or thinking about there heartrate, or thinking about how much water the should consume, they seem to have no problems.

Then i started thinking about potasium levels, heart rate, why does this happen, and why do i get this, and what if this happens, its very scarey.

Latley ive been eating a load of crap foods which make me feel crap, i cant go the gym cos my moneys run out and my gym membership. I sit on a PC all day doing nothing. My internet connection is getting cut off cos i cant afford the payment, its going to be me and myself, which actually scares me.

Does anyone think like this? Could someone share some experiences that would help me feel better.

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It sounds as if you are doing a lot of thinking! Also, that you are discouraged and maybe feeling lonely/isolated. Unfortunately this condition can be terribly isolating?both b/c it seems NO ONE else understands what you are experiencing and if you are disabled enough to be homebound, you lose some touch with the outside world. As far as thinking about your body functions/condition?when you are having a lot of symptoms it is only natural to feel very in tune with bodily functions. It is also easy to get too wrapped up in these thoughts and concerns?in my experience. Sometimes I have found that breathing exercises or meditation can help alleviate that?as can, just watching an enjoyable movie or doing something that engages your mind (even if you don?t feel up to much other activity). I think watching a lot of news ? especially all the awful things that have been happening in the past 24 hours ? is NOT healthy. It can trigger anxiety for one thing, which POTS patients can have trouble with. It is good to understand our world, but I would advocate less TV news consumption?which tends to focus on the most horrific of human events?if you are already feeling poorly!

As far as your internet connection?can you get to your local library? Most libraries offer free internet use with a library card.

Take care, Katherine

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If you are finding yourself getting more and more anxious about what your body is or isn't doing then it sounds like you need to find a way to distract yourself from it. If that isn't working then maybe you could talk with a professional to see if they can make any suggestions for you.

I only get that way when I'm in the midst of unusually bad autonomic storms and I'm by myself. Sometimes watching tv helps or talking on the phone with someone.

I don't know where you live but there are lots of ISP's that offer fairly inexpensive monthly charges. People PC is one that comes to mind --they charge $10.95 a month. Can you search around for a new provider that you maybe could afford?

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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baby boy..

sorry that you are feeling so well crappy..

It sounds like you are in a pots hole.. wish I had words of wisdom for you.. try doing things that you enjoy.. tha you are still able to do at home.. at your own leaisure.. can you do a work out at home?

maybe use some dumb bells for arm exercising/weight lifting..it will help keep you buff!! LOL

Um maybe you can do a search online.. before things are shut down.. and see what kind of exercises you can do at home..

I realize that working out at home is not the same as being at the gym..

and I second Katherine's thought of wathcing less News coverage on the storm..it is absolutley terrifying and so very sad.. what happened..if you want to see news covrage watch maybe only a few minutes at a time.. then try and find something else to do.. watch a fav. movie.. talk to a freind...

well baby boy I wish you well..


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