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Throat & Muscle problems


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I've been having problems for nearly a week now, this has happened before and I've never gotten any Dr to figure it out or what to do to get some relief.

It usually starts with a feeling in my throat. I'm assuming it's a muscle spasm because I can sometimes get in a position where I'm comfortable but then if I move It seems to get my gag reflect going. At first, it seemed that maybe it was a digestive problem because my esophagus didn't feel right either...slight burning, my tummy was bloated and seemed like everything was just sitting.

I backed off of eating and even though I'm no longer bloated this isn't going away.

I do notice that when I first wake up I will feel better and when I sit up and start moving around it comes back on me. Seems that when I type or read or keep my head down it gets worse. Once it gets going again though, sometimes if I lay down to try to get relief it does feel like I may have some slight burning sensation (I can't tell if this is heartburn or not). Once I get comfortable again though I feel better lying down (generally speaking).

I can't really tolerate meds so that's not an option.

Any ideas on how to figure out if this is muscle vs. digestive and/or how to figure out which muscles are the trigger? I do know any exercise I've done on my arms will make this worse or if I get it calmed down thinking it's gone exercise on my arms will make it come right back.

Have any of you had something like this?

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hey there poohbear.

Have you heard of...

Cricopharyngeal dysfunction...?

My dear friend.. she also has POTS.. and she went to see some kind of throat doc.. who diagnosed her with this..it actually is a problem with the muscle in the throat.. and I believe that it is in constant spasaming.. anyways.. she said that this problem can be related to ANS probs.

I dont know if this is what is wrong with you or not..But thought that you could at least look into it.. you never know.. you might find something to help you..

Sorry that i dont have alot of other options or idea's for you.. goodluck pooh!!!


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I went through very similar symptoms more than several years ago--way before POTS diagnosis. It eventually cleared up on its own. I know how uncomfortable it is. I hope it clears up for you soon too.

I think I do have the same thing going on with other muscles in my chest from time to time--chest wall? I get these episodes where it seems the muscles seize up. No pain, but a squeezing feeling that is uncomfortable and disturbing.

One thing that helps sometimes is drinking a very cold drink. I wish I had answers!


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I too have had this before. It seems to come and go. It ranges from being uncomfortable to being unbearable. I think what puzzles me is that there are things that happen with this that want to make me think there's a digestive issue going on but at the same time, there are too many other symptoms that would indicate muscle issues vs. digestive (example--my neck and shoulders get really tight). Maybe one aggravates things and gets the other going??? Who knows!!!

I too have noticed eating really cold things helps. Eating hot things (like soup or coffee) makes things worse. A friend of mine who is a massage therapist says the cold helping is an indication that it's involuntary muscles invovled because voluntary muscles respond to heat and invountary to ice.

The other food item that seems to help a lot when I'm like this is pudding.

I've noticed I've had hiccups more often with these spells as well.

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I have had a lot of issues with my throat -not being able to swallow, throat tightening, most of which lasts under a minute. And food getting stuck. It is almost like the muscle stop working. I also get acid reflux during those times and if I am laying down, it just creeps up. They come and go. Is this what you are describing? Jennifertx

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