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GI doctor appointment

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On Wednesday I have my first appointment with my ped. GI doctor. I'm a little nervous about it! I'm not really even sure why I am. Have any of you had to go to a GI doctor through having POTS? My ped. cardio is sending me there for two reasons, 1) I've always had heartburn but since the last couple months it has gotten increasingly worse and 2) he's worried about the weight that I lost.

I'd appreciate if you kept me in your prayers!


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Gwendolyn, most of us have GI problems. I personally see a GI doctor too. As for nerves--it's likely that seeing any new doctor sets of nerves for most of us. Fear of a new dx, fear of a doctor who doesn't care and/or doesn't understand dysautonomia...etc.

Hang in there. I hope the appointment gives you some relief from your heartburn. Nina

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