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Swollen Calf Muscles


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Has anyone had swollen calf muscles? Is this part of POTS.

I am within the correct weight band for my height, and although I have put on weight, I feel that this alone does not explain the increase in calf size.

Does compression hose help?

Thanks for your comments in advance.



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hi maryjo-

it is possible that the appearance of swollen calves COULD be related to blood pooling & that compression hose could help. if this was/is the case, in theory your calves would not be swollen though upon waking, when laying down, with legs up, etc. personally my feet/ankles/lower legs get a bit swollen but what is more noticable is the change in color, so that's a consideration too. if there is blood pooling you're likely to be able to "see" the color change. but of course we're all different! if they're swollen all of the time &/or if this is something new for you i would definitely check it out with your doc.

;) melissa

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