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Anyone seen Dr Grubbs Nurse Practitioner?


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I have an appt with Dr Grubb in Janiuary, but have come up with several questions and thougts since my last appt.

Dr Grubb said that if I needed to come before my appt with him that I could make an appt with his Nurse practitioner and she would see me and that he would be in the hosptial and she would consult with him.

I have a tentative appt with her in Oct... but am wondering if It would be a waste of money to go just for the NP?

Any experiences ?

I saw her initially at my April Grubb appt..she seemed very nice, but wonder how it would work just seeing her.

Thank guys!!

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GOOO to that appointment!! :(

I had an appointment to see just Beverly (the NP) in June. She came in and was very, VERY understanding as far as the POTS symptoms .. just feeling kind of "blah" .. and all the normal POTSy stuff ... SUCH a nice lady! :(

She will discuss everything with you, as far as treatment options, her opinion, what she thinks Dr. Grubb will think, "plan of action" :P etc. Then Dr. Grubb came in with us at the end of the appointment for about 15 min. or so and reviewed everything, of course adding in his own point of view on it. :(

It was great to go and see her, because we all know Dr. Grubb hasn't been his best, and in going through her first it also feels like we're making it easier on him. You get just as much info as you need from him, because he will ALWAYS take the time to talk and answer your questions.

All in all, Beverly does the reviewing of how you've been, relates it to Dr. Grubb, he comes in and looks over her notes, and talks with you. In any case, either Dr. Grubb or Beverly can both write out prescriptions or whatever is needed ..

I am about 3 hours away from Dr. Grubb's office, so I guess it also depends on where you are coming from ..

But I would go for it, especially if you need to get some new meds or you just need a check up with him! :unsure:

Goood Luck!


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Thank you Lisa and Bella! I did have the pleasure of seeing her last time I went.....she seemed really nice and understanding...

I am travelling from CT but it seems like it would be worth going since She will also be speaking with Grubb and it would be such a bonus to get to see him at the end of the appt!

You know how it is... My first visit I didnt really know what to expect... since then I have been through and learned so much and now have lots of other questions on my condtion as well as med possibilities....

Again, Thanks for reaffirming its a good idea :P

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I had one more question for those of you who have gone to see Dr Grubb's NP for follow up:

IS the wait time as long as it is to see Grubb ? Last time I waited 7 hours ( Well wothr the wait I might add!)

Just wondering..thanks!! ^_^

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Guest Finrussak

Absolutley get in faster...Bev is not only very knowledgeable, but she runs everything by Dr Grubb anyway..its Like seeing him with an extra pair of eyes and hands first. The wait MAY be almost as long as many of us are being asked to see her, and so MANY more need to be seen by either of them.

I have another appt (f/o) with them in march and so far have not been asked to resched with Bev as Im due to see Dr Grubb. I guess we'll see.

And Jenn202 I noticed the long list of meds u r on for the MTBI...are you on ALL at once??? and for how long have u been on them? and when if at all did u notice improvement??

BTW youre not the only one --I too have the combo of hypermobility, POTs with OI;fluid/electrolyte snafu, MTBI etc ( only my MVP isnt always there!!) but I am sure u r still special! ;)

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Hi Fin - I have a Grubb appt in March also...when is yours? I think mine is the 24th...

I was not sure what MTBI is??

I am taking Malarone, bicillan, and Bactim, for Lyme alternating Augmentin.... And yes it has helped me get functional again.....

I am also doing a lot of alternative stuff as well......

All in combo has helped tremendously.

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Oh Forget it... I figured it out..Multiple Tick Bourne Infections = MTBI... took my brain a minute...! LOL

Actually I am not on that much compared to most Lyme patients , especially my doses.... What are you on?

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