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in-home IV saline


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I just needed to vent....

Okay. So I'm trying to get set up for in-home IV saline so I don't have to go to the ER all the time. When I'm in the ER Medicare will pay but I just found out that if I receive in-home saline Medicare will not pay for the Saline because that is considered drug/medication and there is no coverage.

They will pay 80% of approved charges for the home health nurse but not for the saline.


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Medicare has started (or is the process of starting) a prescription drug benefit. Go to the Medicare website and see if you qualify for any of the programs currently available. My Medicare kicked in June 1 and I am going to go over the details of the new prescription benefit with a fine tooth comb when I feel better. I have been knocked down the past couple of days. But, see what you can find out and I will do the same when I feel more coherent. Take care and don't give up.


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I just loosely checked the Medicare site and the new prescription program starts Jan. 1, 2006 with applications being filed starting Nov. 15 of this year. There is currently some programs which help for prescription costs- you can read more about this on the Medicare site. Another option might be Medicaid if you qualify. Depending on what state you live in Medicaid might cover prescription costs (it varies state to state). Your home health provider can help steer you in the right direction regarding getting help with the saline costs until the Medicare prescription program kicks in during January. Good luck and let me know what you find out!


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Well, if you get desparate, and I am only half kidding, I think you can get those bags from vet supplies online. I wish we could do it the way they do animals-just put it under the skin and it slowly absorbs (it does not have to be in a vein-in animals). I had to do this to my cat and it took me forever because I could not bear to stick the needle in him. If we could do it that way, it would be easy although it would be a sight (those with animals who have had this done will know what I am talking about). jennifer tx

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Poohbear - I really hear about about the home IV saline...thats one of the biggest things I have been lucky enough to get that keeps me out of the ER....

I dont know what part of the counrty you live in, But I go through Chartwell Home infusion... they are pretty good about arranging payment help for thigns that are not pivked up by insurance. I am fortunate right now to have full coverage, but this might change soon as my husband is changing jobs....

If not Chartwell, Maybe you could call nearest hospital and see if they know of good hom infusion companies that accept medicare.....

Thats how I found mine...I was told over and over and over again that I could not get IV saline at home from all my Dr's and that insurance would never cover it... I did my own investigative work and found one within 10 minutes of looking...

Good Luck to you, I hope you can find a company to help pick up the remaining balance......

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Speaking of IV saline in general, I would be very interested to hear from some who have used it concerning the specific benefits you get from it and how long the benefits last. My daughter has POTS and has been having a very difficult time for several months. I have often thought of seeing if our doctor would prescribe this to see if it will give her some relief, regardless of how transient it might be. Even a few hours of some relief would be wonderful for her. If some could share their experiences, both positive and negative, I would very much appreciate it.

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i'm so sorry that you're running up against yet another bump in the road. but...i'm thinking this one will be surmountable. i don't have lots of additional suggestions but did you find out how much the saline would actually cost you? it's generally not too much. i know anything stinks, but you may want to at least find out as it may not be prohibative. and others gave some other good thoughts re: resources too. one other thing....i'm not sure how medicare would categorize this, but i'm going to be getting set up to have a standing IV order at the outpatient dept at the hospital so that i can get fluids but still don't have to do the ER. i know then you still have to get there, but just something to look at...

i do hope things turn around soon...


sorry to hear that your daughter is having such a rough time. i've never had IVs at home but have had great luck with them at times when i'm particularly crashed via an outpatient urgent care center. and once dealing with getting the technicalities set up, some have had great luck with them at home (or on a regular basis outpatient). here are some links to past discussions on the topic:







hope this helps....

:huh: melissa

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Hockeymom - IV saline at home has been the biggest life saver and best thing I have done since dealign with all these problems.

So far this year it has kept me out of the ER/hospital at least 10 times....

I use it mostly when I catch a cold or virus since this is when my hydration issues usually get the worst..... The IV helps me to stay MUCH more stable throughout and also to be able to fight off the bug better sonce My body does not have to work to try and keep my electrolites even ( which is an immposibility).

Its also allowed me to understand my body better, such as how much saline it needs and how fast a drip... Since I am at home I have complete control of how much, how often and how fast it goes in.

I think its a huge benefit for anyone with our problems

When I saw Dr Grubb he said many of his patients were on IV saline and that it is recommended for many.

Good Luck, let me know if I can answer any questions for you. :huh:

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Thanks so much for the links. I had tried a search but did not come up with all of those. That is helpful. I appreciate the time you took to do that.


Thank you, too, for the information you have shared. We seem to be getting nowhere in spite of multiple medications, and I am just exploring the thought of trying an IV outpatient to see if that would give her any relief at all. It would be so nice to have some alternative to occasionally use when she just simply would like to have a few hours of feeling maybe a bit better. She has a plethora of problems that go with the POTS, but the two that are debilitating and are keeping her down are the exhausting, unrelenting fatigue and the intolerance of being upright. She would dearly love to have any amount of improvement in these two problems, regardless of the degree or brief time of the relief. She is a good athlete (especially hockey, can you tell?!! :huh: ) who can now barely tolerate standing upright. While she realizes the reality that it may be quite some time before she is able to play hockey, she would welcome a chance to feel some better even for a little while.

To all of you who suffer from POTS and NCS and other conditions of dysautonomia, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you deal with these conditions on a daily basis. As a POTS parent, I know how tough it can be! When we feel ourselves starting to get down about it all, we try to concentrate on the fact that as bad as it seems, we are still greatly blessed in so many ways. Those kind of thoughts help us to get through the tough times.

Our best to all who gather here!

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I thought with medicare they couldn't charge you the difference. Also what about having the order filled at the hospital pharmacy? I too use chartwell, and every week they call and see how things are and what I need. My husband starts most of my IV's so I don't need that. Running out of "good " veins though.

Good luck Miriam :P

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