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I have a bad case of POTS and possible Autonomic FAilure. I have to travel to TN in October to the Vanderbilt Clinic, and i'm not sure how flying effects us. Can people with Autonomic Dysfunction fly safely, or is it dangerous?

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hi cattale -

i'm not sure if we've met before, so if not...hello! i was actually at vanderbilt myself in may so if you have any questions feel free to PM or email me. i have autonomic neuropathy, OI/POTS, NCS, & other "fun" that some thought constituted a PAF diagnosis but ended up being grouped under a progressive neuropathy heading. no place is perfect & there isn't a magic answer, but overall i had a good experience at vanderbilt. i wrote a "book" of sorts upon my return if you want the inside scoop before you go. the link is:


regarding flying, i don't think i would call it "dangerous" more so than any triggers but some do have a lot of trouble with it. there have been quite a few discussions on it in the past which i have posted below. i did have to fly to TN a few days prior to my admission though b/c i wouldn't have been able to sit up long enough off of my meds (so i went a few days early to wean off my meds there). i've also used a wheelchair at the airport for years...this year it wouldn't have been an option for me b/c i wouldn't have made it to the plane otherwise; in the past it was largely b/c i couldn't deal with security lines, etc. & had had bad experiences of being yelled at for kneeling/squatting down in the lines.

hope this helps,


on flying:











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Hi...I have flown numerous times. I wear compression hose, drink plenty of water before I fly, and keep drinking water on the plane. It is important to get up and walk a few times, if possible, to reduce the possibility of blood clots. I have asked the airline to provide wheel chair service during episodes when my POTS is in a flare. Welcome aboard!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the stories. Unfortunately, i'm afraid it's going to make sick as a dog. I'll try to be optimistic, though. Thanks for the links to check out, too. I'm going to buzz you Sunfish regarding the Vanderbilt trip.

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