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I was skimming through my "help yourself" pinned topic and realized that there are more support hose companies than the one I have listed. If any of you are buying elsewhere and are happy with your products, please email or PM me with the links so I can update the topic.

Also, if you have encountered any dead or out of date links, please contact me so I can update teh page.

Lastly, if you have items you think might be useful for others, please forward your links to me via email or pm with a brief explanation. I will then review the items and if necessary, have Michelle review also.

Thanks for your help!

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nina -

i have a few things too but wanted to look through my stuff & send it to you at once rather than piecemeal. so...it's coming but don't sit up waiting for it!


p.s. to em. i have the JH thing that you emailed me if that's what you're speaking of, but don't think i have the weblink for it....let me know if you need me to email it back to you though

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