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brown patches of skin


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It could be caused by multitiude of things. I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and tops of my forearms, and it gets darker when I'm in the sun. Sometimes dark pigmentation can be sign of Addison's. This normally occurs in creases, like your palms and eyelids. You may want to have your dermatologist look at it.

Best wishes,

Gena ;)

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hi hayley -

this isn't much for input, but my mother & brother both have a few birthmarks that appear as brown spots & have gotten darker & a bit larger with age. neither of them have any major health issues & the spots have never been of any concern although the doc keeps an eye on my brother's b/c my dad has had melanoma. i actually have one on my head but don't know what it looks like at the moment as it's under my hair...i only knew i had it when i lost my hair several years ago as i was born with a head full of hair. my suggestion would be not to worry but to bring it up with the doctor - like you're planning - at your next visit just in case it's a piece of the puzzle for you. one never knows what's going to be the magic missing link!


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