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I was diagnosed with POTS some years back. I do not have seizures with the condition. I have chest pain, tachycardia, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. However, I have a brother who has had seizures for several years.

He does not have POTS.

Last week, I called myself trying to do some cardio work --- it always make me sick. But thought I would keep trying to force my body to get used to it. I went jogging outside for 10 minutes . It was in the afternoon but still was 85 degrees, so I got hot.

After coming back inside, I started to feel "crazy symptoms" . They were symptoms that I have not felt before. I did not have chest pain, palpitations or anything like that. What happened was that I started to feel like my body was drawing up sort of like in fetal position and I had a weird sensation in my head. The drawing sensation was scary. This lasted for about 1/2 an hour. I spoke to my brother about it and he told me that this is the sensastion he has before a seizure. This scares me because his seizures have stopped in heart on more than one occasion. He has damage to his frontal lobe in his brain. His seizures have made him unable to drive.

Have any of you had seizures and is it a symptom of POTS or dysautonomia?

Look forward to your kind replies.

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I have experienced convulsions when i faint and i find myself going into a featal position when that happens. Its quite scary. I got the impression from my specialist that it fitted into the POTS symptoms. However i would not want to make the claim that i expereince seizures as i am not sure that if it effects my brain or not. I am able to still hear whats going on around me when i have the convulsions while i am told that people who suffer seirous seizures like epileptics are not concious.

Sorry if i am not much help.

However here is another thread about seizures which implies that there are others with POTS that suffer seizures



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hi dino -

first of all, i don't believe we've met before, so hello! :-)

secondly, and more importantly, anytime you're having new symptoms like you describe you really need to have things checked out by your doc. they could or could not be related to your previous diagnosis but a visit to the doc is in order...

thirdly, i just wrote a description of the type of "seizures" i have at times not too long ago in a post so i'm going to point you in that direction:


there have been several discussions on seizures and/or twitching aside from the two we've already mentioned so you may also want to do a search (search button is on upper right hand side of screen).

good luck,


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This sounds too similar. My husband has NCS (fainting but no seizures) but his idential twin brother has very frequent and severe seizures that have also kept him from working or driving for over 2 years now. I stay in touch with this forum because I am very fearful that my husband will get worse like his brother. So far my husband has maintained at the same level and not worsened. Sorry that I don't have any answers but I thought it might be of some comfort that my husband has not gotten worse.

I'll be interested in anything you learn.

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