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Whole Bunch of Stuff - Please Read

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Hey POTS'ers,

I had a few questions, especially since I'm going to a POTS specialist soon. And also some comments. Just a brief intro to you all. I am a 29 year old female with Chiari Malformation, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma and Ehler's Danlos. Do others have Ehler's Danlos? I keep seeing EDS, but I don't know if it means something else too. I have POTS most likely due to the Chiair Malformation. I was also on Propulsid for 2 years, when it got taken off the market causing heart problems. That's when I first noticed the tachycardia. But I could have had it before and just didn't notice much. I also have High BP from time to time, again because of the Chiari Malformation and the intercranial pressure (which raises BP). Also, having asthma, I'm always on albuterol, which produces tachycardia. My tachycardia is worse when I'm at a lower position, like laying down/reclining. I've been having chest pains for like 2 days now. I don't know if it's because of a pulled muscle or not. I have big breasts, 38-40 D/DD. I'm small framed so the big breasts on me causes back pains, pulled muscles, tenderness. So it's so hard for me to distinguish. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, because of the asthma and because of extreme heat, I deal with a lot of edema. And I also wonder if that's what's causing the discomfort around my chest area. Any ideas on this as well?

Thanks for reading all this. Will post again if I remember annything else.


Boston, MA

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KLS, yes there are quite a few of us here with EDS, I'm one of them. I have a history of GI motility problems and, like you, took propulsid for a while. My heart issues are not related to that particular prescription, as all my symptoms were present well before I took the RX.

Please take a read through the causes section of the main DINET site--EDS is mentioned there as a cause of autonomic dysfunctionl



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