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Varicella zoster/herpes Virus 2


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I was born with Chickenpox(VZV) and given HSV 2 in 1999. Since then I've had severe autonomic dysfunction, and believe it be progressing. I'm due to see an Autonomic Center in the fall, and was wondering if the Chickenpox started the autonomic dysfunction and the HSV 2 made it worse. I did read that the Herpes virus of any kind could cause Autonomic dysfunction. If this is the case, couldn't both of these infections of caused Pure Autonomic Failure? My symptoms are severe causing monthly UTI's, head&neck pains, POTS, sexual dysfunction, chronic weight loss, and the list goes on. Does anyone know more about this to maybe help me out? Thanks! B):D

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I'm not sure how to answer your question... you can try reading through all the research articles that Michelle has listed on PAF; I read through a few of them and didn't find any info related to PAF and herpes virus variants.



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hi cattale -

i have never heard of a specific connection with a herpes virus and/or chickenpox and any type of autonomic dysfunction, but there does seem to be a viral "trigger" or causation for some of us, so perhaps it would fit into that category in a more general way.

obviously none of us can diagnose here, but it's also good to be aware that there is A LOT of overlap between the different types of autonomic dysfunction. i have what seems to be a progressive autonomic neuropathy with many of the symptoms you describe - POTS/OI, NCS, head/neck issues, gastroparesis/slow motility (with major weight loss at times), a neurogenic bladder (which would leave me with UTIs if i didn't catheterize several times daily), etc - which, as i'm sure you've seen, are many of the symptoms that appear to be listed under PAF, but i don't have that diagnosis. instead i just have a grab-bag list of sorts that doesn't fit well in any one category, affirmed by my local autonomic doc as well as the folks at vanderbilt when i was there this spring. obviously i have a lot of issues/problems, but just enough of my autonomic system still works at times so that i don't fit a PAF diagnosis. so...there are a lot of variants.

good luck & hang in there,


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I have the same issues. I was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome. I do notice that if my HSV2 isn’t in check my pots , mast cell , cysitis and all of those things are bad. I take valtrex and it seems to help with everything !! I have also had Lyme and EBV and mold exposure. but i do think these viruses are to blame ! 

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