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Surviving Disney


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Much to my surprise I didn't have any major problems with my disney trip, and I rode everything but tower of terror. I got winded on any and all inclines, but who doesn't. Mission Space bottomed out my #'s, but they regulated themselves pretty quickly. The walking around the park cause a spained ankle effect to both ankles( 75 % worse on the left) I had issues (light-headed, heart racing, chest pain, breathing problems, headache, etc.) through out the trip from the stress and excitement, but it was well worth it. Not sure how long I'll be paying for all the fun I had but the symptoms are gonna come and go, you might as well "deserve" it. :) Hopefully I'm well enough to do Exhibition Everest (debuting Spring '06) The car ride wasn't so bad going up there, but coming back my body had had enough and was not enjoying the 10 hour trip. Chrissy

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So glad you had a good trip despite some swollen ankles!! Dysuatonomia robs us of so much you are right about enjoying what you can even if you don't feel 100%. Disney is well worth the pain! Welcome home.


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glad to hear that you had a good trip overall...and hope that your legs/ankles are feeling better by now!


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