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swollen ankles


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I just got back from a week in Orlando, Fl, doing the Disney thing. Being new to my condition and not knowing what I could and couldn't handle, I was winging it. I didn't want to use a wheelchair if I didn't have to, but after being on my feet for an hour, my legs were splotchy, my feet were blue, and my joints were locking up. Stupid me I didn't do anything about it, I was having fun and figured I could rest my legs when we got back to the room. Well by the time we got back to the room I could barely walk and my ankles were swollen (primarily on the left). I got off them for the night and in the morning the pain was minor, but there was still swelling. Day 2 was like day 1, but with an earlier start in the pain department. On day 3, my legs had had enough, but I was determined not to get a wheelchair. I wasn't ready to admit I needed one, but by the time we got to the park everything below the top of my knee was in EXTREME pain, again I was determined to have fun and ignored the pain. STUPID!!!! By that night I gave in and went to the first aid center, their first thought was a spained ankle, until they found out it was in both ankles. They then said it was caused by fluids gathering in the legs, creating pressure... Now they tell me. So they prescibe ice, elevating the legs, and staying off them for awhile. The next day we got a wheelchair, but sitting all day didn't help the situation. My legs still felt the pain and swelling, I iced and rested them overnight. On day three, I forced my feet into my boots (brought tears to my eyes) we drove to the shuttle launch and after an hour of having my boots on I didn't even notice the pain. (it felt more like a bruise) By the time I took my boots off the swelling was gone. We did the wheelchair the rest of the trip and the swelling was minor. We're home and I still have swelling and pain if on my feet for any length of time. Not sure how long it will last or if it can be prevented in the future (being I have problems while sitting and standing), but I definitely won't push my limits again. Chrissy

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Hi Chrissy,

I can sympathize with you completely. I went to Vegas in April. By the last day both of my ankles had swollen up into my knees. It was horrible pain. I started noticing swelling when I first arrived but each day kept getting worse. I would go back to my room and put a chair up on the bed and put my feet up and cold wash cloths to try and reduce the swelling. One of my friends gave me an over the counter water pill which did not do much at all.

Well by the time I got home I looked looked like the stay-puff marshmellow girl. I then started having problems breathing and thought maybe I just was catching a cold. I went to the emergicare clinic here in my town to get checked out. The doc said he thought I was having Pulmonary Embolizm...scared me to death...well anyway he gave me some heavy duty water pills, and some blood tests one of which was a (D-Dimer???not sure of spelling) to make sure no blood clots in lungs. turned out ok :D . Now things seem to be fine. don't swell up to much. Has anybody noticed problems with flying and swelling? I live in a higher elevation around 6500'.

hopefully your swelling has gone down and you can walk around comfortably...

sorry for my rambling on.

Patty :D

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