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hello Poohbear..

I am happy to see you back.. i hope that you are feeling alittle bit better.

I am so sorry that you had to deal with egotisticle docs.. that *****..

But, I am so very happy to hear that you are getting some at home services.. that is wonderful.. I hope that it helps you!

I know how you feel about using a wheelchair.. being so young.. I am 23 and i hate the thought of having to use a walker and soon an electric scooter.

I am greatful dont get me wrong.. but i worked with elderly people who had to use wheelchairs and walkers for mobility and such.. and it does make me feel like and "Old Person"too..and partly because my pride gets the best of me.. and I wonder what people will think.. a 23 yrs old using a scooter! I know how vain of me...LOL

But anyways i wanted to pop in and say hey.. and wish you well.. good luck on your packing and moving..dont over do it.. do you have anybody to help you with the move?? I hope so..


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