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Diet Programs..

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Hi all..man there are a lot of new names posting..feel like I'm sooo out of the loop! :) I was wondering if any of you have had success with diet programs like weight watchers..nutrisystem..jenny craig..ect? I became extremely thin when I first became ill 2 yrs. ago..then after a year the weight started coming on like a vengence..now I'm chubby..and pale..and hairy..okay..you get the idea ;) .

I'm unable to do really any exercise and my whole life that was how I lost weight..I've never actually dieted. Is it possible to lose a little weight with diet alone? I've been looking at several of the national chains just to get an idea of their programs. I'm leaning toward nutrisystem b/c it's based on the glycemic index and you get all the food delivered. If any of you have any experience good or bad I'd appriciate your input..you can e-mail me if you don't want to mention a specific company..I hope it's okay that I named some in this post...feel free to edit me Nina if this isn't allowed :):) .

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Yes, it is possible, and I did it with Weight Watchers...twice. IMO, they have the most balanced and "real life" approach--at least for me. Personally, I don't like the idea of having to buy all my meals from a diet center. That doesn't prepare me at all for the real world. Also, if you do WW, I'd suggest not using the online method as your primary one--the face to face meeting and ideas you get there are quite useful.

BTW, my doctor fully endorsed me going to WW. :)


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I did Weight Watchers before and it works great! Just make sure you stick to the rules though. You can eat junk food on the diet. That was huge for me because you don't have to cut anything out and feel deprived. You just have to plan for it and keep noting your portions.

I like how it prepares you for the real world too. If you do the other ones where they give you the food, then what happens when you're off the diet?

What helped me the most was going to the meetings and weighing in there. The people at the meetings take a real life approach to it all. And weighing in every week gave me something to work towards. I didn't want to be the one to gain weight! I need someone to hold me accountable or I won't do it. :)

I'm actually trying to join it again! I hopefully will be able to drive again soon to get to the meetings.

I have gained sooo much weight since I've been sick. It's very frustrating...

Oh yeah, my doctor loves WW too! She did it herself and lost a ton of weight.

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