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Help With Questions for Cardiologist


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I am heading to the Cardiologist on Tuesday for my first Cardiology evaluation after being diagnosed by a Hospitalist a month ago.  I have been on Metoprolol with reduction of symptoms but feeling super tired.  I am trying to compile a list of questions for the Cardiologist so that I can really come away with a plan.  Would love some help/suggestions on things that might be important to ask!  Here is what I am thinking so far:

- Should I see an Electrophysiologist?

- Would a Holter/Event Monitor be at all indicated?

- Should any further testing be done to determine type of POTS (Hyper, Neuro, etc) before adding more treatment/medication?

- Is another Beta Blocker something we could try (Propranolol, Ivabradine, etc)?

- Since this was thought to be viral onset, what, if anything, should I do in the future with illnesses, to prevent/minimize symptoms?

Would love suggestions on other things that may be important to ask that I am not thinking of.  Thanks so much!

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Well, saw the Cardiologist today and he is wanting to taper me off the Metoprolol, start Florinef, and follow up in a week. He may add Propranolol at that time, but of course, I had no symptoms at the time of my appointment, which is crazy, because I had been tachy all day up to that point! Do any of you find symptoms only manifest or are worse in the morning? I am super nervous about the Florinef as it seems like it would potentially cause some adrenal insufficiency, but will give it a go. Are there many of you that found success with just the Florinef and no other meds? 

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