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  1. Well, I went to see the D.O at the hospital where I work and she spent 45 minutes doing some Osteopathic Manipulation. It was very odd and man was I sore after. She wants to try three appointments before we decide if it is worth pursuing. when she was working on my back where the Sympathetic nerves come out, she kept saying things like, "strange." And " wow that is so interesting". She said my back got super hot and just that one spot got really sweaty. When I got up, I felt my back there and it was still super hot! I felt super gross yesterday, but today my heart rate has been better and no dizziness or headache! We will see what happens. Eternally optimistic!
  2. MeganMN

    ER Monitor scared me!

    From some one who works in the ER, if I saw any of those on the monitor I would not be concerned about any except the vtach, but that can also be artifact from moving. Moving around causes lots of funky stuff and those monitors are not stellar. Hard to say without being there but as an ER nurse, I would have reassured my patient as well and not been concerned, but it really is hard to say for sure without seeing the monitor!
  3. MeganMN

    Head in a Vice

    Hello! Finally feeling like my heart rate is stabilizing. I am tapering the Beta Blockers some, and seeing my Primary next week for some more referrals to ENT and/or Neurology. Since all this began I was having dizziness with some nausea, followed by headaches (never really had headaches before). The headaches seem to be worsening and the dizziness is still around. Today was particularly bad with my head feeling like it is being squeeZed in a vice. My headaches are always gone when I wake up, then progressively get worse throughout the day. Today is a doozy. Seriously feels like when I had a spinal headache years ago... Slowly getting better as I lay on the couch. Anyone else get this? What is the deal? Any ideas on what works to make it less painful? finally feel like my body is settling down, but these headaches........
  4. MeganMN

    Orthostatic headaches? Please vote!

    I have been noticing this more and more frequently lately. I also am getting unrelenting dizziness despite treatment for the heart rate. Ick- feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice.
  5. MeganMN

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    Wow, thanks to everyone who reponded! I am on Day Two now of incessant dizziness, extreme sleepiness/fatigue, headache, ringing in my eaR, and low BP. The EP's office called this morning and I guess he fired himself. He recommended I coordinate with my GP to go on down the line to a Neurologist and/or ENT. Still somewhat frustrating as it may be weeks to get that sorted out, but in the meantime, I trudge onward! At least there is a plan of sorts.
  6. MeganMN

    Who has had a ep study?

    Have you had a holter or event monitor? If not, it seems that should be first. An EP study might be in a cath lab where they actually go in under radiology and look at the electricity of the heart and determine if anything is out of whack. I think it is good they are looking for other things. I think many of us, if a cause or reason could be found, would want to sort it out! That being said, I am personally am getting more leery of docs and their rabbit trails!
  7. MeganMN

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    Well, I reached out to my GP and she recommended that I call the Cardiology office here at the hospital where I work. I called them and they do not want to see me because they do not want to step on the Electrophysiologists toes. Nice. So I got nothin'.... The EP said he is not concerned about the dizziness and take some Florinef and see him in March. Seriously.......sigh. and this is why I do not even want to bother.
  8. MeganMN

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    On this topic, @Pistol and @jklass44 and other, how do you deal with doctors not listening to your wishes and wants? The EP keeps wanting to throw more meds at me and I REALLY STRONGLY feel that my symptoms snowballed and worsened intensely when I started the medication. I do not want to be on the Beta Blocker and have now resorted to self-tapering because it is making me so sick. I know my body and know how I respond to things and I am so much worse on it than I was before. I do not want to be dubbed non-compliant, but I need to get off of it- it is seriously making me very ill. I would much rather taper with a doctor's blessing than without, but.......he will not listen. So now I am uncertain of going to see any doctor, because I want to be truthful with them, but I am not taking the meds as he prescribed. I just know that I went from being occasionally dizzy and tachycardic, to being dizzy all the time with a multitude of other symptoms. I feel like poo, and before I was managing! I just know my body and how I respond to things!
  9. MeganMN

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    I think I need to still find a doctor that I like. The EP only comes up here once a month. I am planning to maybe switch back to the regular Cardiologist because they have office hours every day as opposed to once a month! I do not even have a way to see the EP again until March. Good advice from all though! I think the tough part is that one day with bad symptoms can seem like an eternity, and I have to know when to call for help or get a sooner appointment, and when/how long to wait and be patient.
  10. there have been days when I felt like I did not even look like I should be upright, ghost white face and dark circles. Ick. Not sure what the culprit is, my labs are always fine, but it is on those day s when I have the most dizziness!
  11. I was just commenting on this the other day as I w as complaining about the constant and unrelenting dizziness on the beta blocker and the crazy heart rates off of it.... I was wishing the doctor could experience it just for a day.....and it does feel frustrating and lonely!
  12. MeganMN

    normal bp heart rate fine but feeling bad

    I have thought about this too. the extra chemicals are still floating around in our bodies and we may take meds or do things to help with the symptoms, but the extra adrenaline is still there. I guess that is my best guess, too. On beta blockers, the amount of beta receptors in our bodies can actually increase also, so it seems like that could maybe cause trouble too. Not sure about what is going on in the brain, but there were many days that I felt absolutely awful and my numbers were okay. Someone at some point mentioned that the lower heart rate (especially induced by a beta blocker) can decrease the heart rate and cause MORE dizziness because then the brain is getting even less oxygen. the higher heart rate serves a purpose, to try Nd get enough blood up to the melon! Made sense to me!
  13. Thanks everyone! It helps to hear from others. I know they will not kill me, but it feels gross. I was most concerned because there are many times when I get them every other beat with a heart rate of 60 and I felt like I might actually pass out. EP thinks the Florinef will help with blood flow to the brain. He said that even though the ectopic do not get as much blood out with each beat, it is still okay. I know that, but......It still feels super crummy and hard to work through, makes me more anxious, which makes it worse! Thank you so much for the replies!
  14. MeganMN

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    If anyone would be willing to send me a PM, I would love it! I am totally freaking out right now. Yesterday at work I had some weird allergic reaction a nd got super flushed and scratchy throat and dizzy, red and splotchy all over. Now it is happening again. I am splotchy and red and sweaty and chest tight and scratchy throat. I feel like my body is just flipping out. Anxiety I never had before and now feel like a basket case. I Do not even want to go back to the doctor because I feel like they are just going to label me mentally ill..... Eek.
  15. I was wondering if any of you have gotten input from your EP/Cardiologists about atrial ectopics? I have had two Holters now that both show some short episodes of SVT, Bursts of Atrial Tachycardia, but mostly just the Sinus Tachycardia alternating with Sinus Bradycardia and 10-15% Premature Atrial Complexes. I have anywhere from 350-850 of them an hour. I know from my training and also from my research that PAC's are considered 'harmless' but I have so many of them and when I get them when my rate is super fast or slow, I get quite dizzy and gross feeling. My EP really did not seem to care about it. I know it will not kill me but it really stinks for quality of life. Any of you have similar experiences? Anyone actually had any luck with treating them, either with lifestyle or other methods?