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Testosterone - for the ladies?

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Here's an idea that I wanted to put out and see if anyone had any experience or thoughts...

POTS is around 5 times more common in women than men. 

Men have larger hearts and blood volume proportionate to their body size. They are less prone to fainting generally. 

Males in families (my own included) with hypermobile EDS tend to be far less symptomatic and disabled than females, possibly due to stronger collagen. 

I have come across more than one patient story online of people undergoing female to male transgender treatment, whose POTS massively improved or even resolved when they began taking testosterone therapy. 

It cannot all be due to menstrual blood loss as I use a continuous birth control product which I did for years prior to POTS and do not get periods at all. 

Therefore I wonder if testing T levels/supplementing bioidentical testosterone as a female with POTS would be worth considering? Gynaecologists and endocrinologists increasingly prescribe testosterone gel to women for low libido, which is a pretty trivial indication compared to being chairbound.

I know there can be side effects at higher doses but I for one would gladly shave my face everyday and sing in a baritone if taking T enabled me to stand up!

Anyone tried or considered this?

B x


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Sorry I don't have any experience or knowledge of this but I just wanted to say I agree with you about the menstrual blood thing. I never thought that related to anything to do with blood volume. Your period is not like a hemorrhage as if someone suddenly opened up a large vein and you were bleeding out. When you have your period that blood doesn't come out of the general circulation, it's the stuff that's been building up in the uterus for a month... 

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That is an interesting idea. I wonder if our testosterone levels are too low. I remember in basic health class it was said both male and female have both testosterone and estrogen, just in differing amounts. That would be an interesting study. Not sure it would work for everyone with POTS though. Depends on the underlying cause I think. 

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When women have worseining POTS symptoms during their period it is usually related to hormonal fluctuations, not blood loss. I am peri-menopausal right now and have worse POTS issues and during menopause testosterone levels are elevated in women, so I do not see a relation there. 

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I'm actually on testosterone (I am trans) and unfortunately, I haven't seen much (if any) improvement of my symptoms. If anything, this year has been my worst year for symptoms (I started T late last year).

That said, there are studies showing that T improves anemia which might improve some symptoms that contribute to the suck that is POTS (fatigue, lightheadedness). I was anemic before I started T and once I got on it the anemia went away. Unfortunately, the POTS is just as bad for me.

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