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So I got in to see the specialist. He said basically what everyone here said: he treats the symptoms, not the numbers. Didn't even blink at the thought that I have POTS. Did a standing test in his office and it was positive.

He prescribed: compression stockings (of course), 80oz of water, 15 minutes of exercise, salt sticks (he said i can't get enough salt from food), and fludrocortisone.

I looked up interactions and it has a moderate interaction with two of my medications. One is a risk of serious heart arrhythmias.

I'm wondering if I should send him a message about this. He prescribed quite a few so I'm guessing this is for long-term.

Honestly, I'm curious about beta-blockers because of the antianxiety properties.

I'm feeling positive though. He said my case isn't severe (which I knew), and that he's certain he can get my presyncope down to 0 (that felt good and I walked out of there with a huge smile on my face... it helps that he had a great bedside manner).


I saw from a lot of people that this medication tends to poop out on people. How long did you get before it stopped working? Is it worth the risk or should I suggest something else when I see him next?

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If you are comfortable with your doc then you should trust his judgement. Try his approach, take the meds he suggests. It is ALL trial-and-error for us. Even my - world-renowned - specialist tries meds to see if they work and then goes on to other ones if they are not helpful. Be glad you have a doc who listens and is aware of dysautonomia and the special considerations we need. Work with your doc! And yes - send hi a message about your concerns about the medication. 

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I would send him a message. Also make sure you pharmacy checks for interactions. My mom's pharmacy missed one on hers. Mild issue but no one told her the interaction. Not even the doctor. 

I am glad you have found some answers. Beta-blockers are good for the tachycardia and arrhythmia. They don't help with much more. I can still have symptoms with a normal HR. 

They way I understand fludocortisone is it helps you to retain water and that would help your blood volume. I have seen a lot of people on here at least try it. I never have. My specialist put me on midodrine to go with my Beta-blocker. 

Good luck. 

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