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Doctors in Phildalephia

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I am currently seeing an electrophysiologist who diagnosed me with IST/POTS on June 20. I have my EP study follow up on August 10. I love this Doctor, his staff is great, he's willing to think outside the box as well. I do wonder if I should take my syndrome to a neurologist specific to POTS/IST. I am at a loss to find someone in the Philadelphia area. Anyone have any suggestions at least?


Karen :)

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I live in the Philly area and haven't found anyone who specializes in ANS stuff. There are two docors on the DINET list, of which I've seen one (Dr. Goodkin). He's a decent guy, understands the disorders, but he's out in the outlying southern/western suburbs (Chester County, I think?). He seem to be good with chronic fatigue stuff, willing to call other doctors who are "in the know"--but I decided to stick with my local GP and local ep cardio as they're also willing to do those things, and they're closer.

Wish I could be of more help. If you find someone, please do let me know!!


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are you sure that Dr. Goodkin doesn't also have a clinic at Hahnemann? Maybe I'm mixing his name up with someone else, this is all very foggy to me right now, but when we used to live in Philly and I was prediagnosis, I saw someone with a similar??? name in Hahnemann, who recommended that I see a neuro...I never followed up. Could very well be I'm mixing him up with someone...)))

oops, finally remember docctor's name, similar to goodkin, but not it. tried deleting this post, couldn't figure out how. Apologies


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it sounds like you at least have a good starting point with your current doc...open-minded, willing to think outside of the box...these are very needed & valued things that are sadly enough hard to come by. so while you have to do what you're comfortable with i would encourage you to perhaps even discuss with this doc if he feels comfortable being your primary autonomic doc. a good doc will tell you when/if they feel in over his/her head & based on what you've said it sounds like your doc would do just this.

good luck,


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