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Hi - I just wanted to share something positive. Due to my hyperPOTS I always have difficulties with any type of procedure that requires even the smallest amount of sedation. I also have had full flares after a dental procedure that caused a lot of gagging ( setting off abnormal ANS compensation ). Yesterday I had an EGD, which requires both - sedation and gagging. I had several before, as well as colonoscopies and had seizures during them as well as a full flare for days after needing to be treated by hospitalization for IV fluids. Well - the day before the procedure I had myself worked up into an anxiety attack because I was afraid that I was going to be bad and the GI would not know what to do and my PCP is out of town and they will send me home without treatment and I will take seizures all weekend and the ER docs usually just send me home …. you all probably are familiar with this scenario. So - I called the daysurgery unit ( they are very familiar with me because I had autonomic seizures and syncope there several times ) and told them about my concerns and anxiety. They said they know all about what I have and so does the anesthesia nurse and they would take care of me if I needed admitted afterwards. ---- Well - I had the EGD, they gave me fluids an hour before, gave me versed to calm me down 30 minutes before and then again right before the procedure and ---- all went well! For the first time I had a peocedure without a seizure, just a tiny itsy-bitsy syncopal episode when I first sat up. I left the unit WALKING!!! --- Anyone that has been experiencing problems with sedation might understand my relief and I felt like I am a "normal" person. ---- I wanted to post this because if anyone here has problems with sedation it might help you as well to warn them before and to let them know about your fears. Had I not warned them I would possibly had problems because my anxiety would have stimulated the ANS and I would have had fight-or-flight and it all could have went wrong. 

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