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ACTH Deficiency

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Has anyone been told that their ACTH hormone was suppressed and unmeasurable?

Recent lab results showed that my ACTH was less than 5 pg/ml and unmeasurable. I'm trying to find a connection to this and POTS. Really now, how many different conditions can a person have... I've been diagnosed with POTS, narcolepsy, pre-menopausal osteoporosis, asthma, tons of allergies, high cholestral, cardiac syndrome x, raynauds,...I'm undergoing testing for mastocytosis now. I really am not a walking disaster area...I've to believe there's some underlying condition causing all of this and it's yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm dying a slow, unnecessary death. SO PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THERE"S A CONNECTION!!!!

And no, I haven't gone off the deep end yet, I'm actually laughing while I write this post, I just find this all so absurd. I'm on so many meds that the term "medicine cabinet" is actually accuarate at our house. You won't find anything else in ours except prescription drugs. I'm only 44 yrs old and I can only help but wonder what the combination of these meds will do to me over the years. And I don't take every one that's prescribed...only the ones that I notice make a difference in how I feel.

So please someone tell me that my latest diagnosis is somehow related to my current condition. ;)



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Low ACTH is typically associated with a number of adrenal problems, including cushings, addisons, etc.

Here are some materials to look over, but these are not a substitute for talking to your doctor about the ACTH finding. BTW, an endocrinologist specializes in figuring out such issues, so if you haven't seen one, it might be helpful to see an endo. Keep in mind that some of these links provide info that is targetted to a medical professional; self diagnosis isn't a good idea--take what you know to your doctor:




the one below is a powerpoint presentation, but I've linked it in a way that you can see it in your web browser--however, this means some of the formatting will be messed up...but all the text is still there.

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