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alternative to digoxin?


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i could really use some advice, since my doc doesnt know anything about POTS! i want to switch from digoxin which i take now along with a beta blocker to something else in place of the digoxin since i dont feel like its helping me anymore,do any of you know of an alternative to digoxin, not a beta blocker? would a calcium channel blocker taken with a beta be too strong if you already have low bp? or is norpace a better alternative to digoxin? any suggestions or help would be appreciated, thanks


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Radha, here's a link to a medical journal article about alternatives to digoxin. BTW, it's easy to search for such information by going to http://www.google.com and then type in, with the quotes,

"alternative to digoxin". The link I'm giving you now, appears at the top fo the search results.


Read through the materials, then discuss the issue with your doctor to make the best choice for your situation. What works for me or someone else here may not be okay for you--the choices of meds change based on other medical conditions you have (I have asthma, so beta blockers are generally a no-no) or other medications your taking that ARE working (some heart meds have bad effects if you mix with other rx or over the counter meds).


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