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Hey you guys...ok so I was freaking out last night. My older cousin who is now 26 was diagnosed about 5 years ago with POTS etc. I'm 19 an was just diagnosed maybe a month ago I had been doing good this week no major attacks just my usually daily small attacks. While yesterday we had a family baby shower my cousin wasn't feeling good so I drove her home and we talked about our health and coping with our families. When I got home I started feeling nauses and dizzy so I laid down for about a half hour. My fiancee' came home and I was feeling alot better so he suggested we go see a movie went to see Willy Wonka (so good) we got outta there around 10pm and when we got back home I went straight to bed.

Well I guess I started shaking (just one arm, leg, or certain side) uncontrollably about a half hour after I feel asleep he woke me up I drank some water and felt better. Well then I was starting to drift back to sleep when the numbness buzzing tinging feeling started spreading across my chest up my neck and through my face I tried to call out for him or move but I COULDN'T....it lasted for about 2-3 minutes passed and I very slowly tried moving and sitting up I was freaking out I didn't know what had happened so I got up walked in the kitchen got an ice pack curled up on the couch and just tried to calm down. Brandon woke up and came to see what was wrong an I had another attack after that one I couldn't feel him touching me the ice or have full range of motion. I finally fell back asleep and this morning I am just fine tired with chest pain but fine. I don't know what it was it felt like a POTS attack but I'd never had one encompass my whole body like that....just wondering if anybody else had experianced anything like it.

Thanks everyone

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ballroom -

i don't have a lot to say but think that these somewhat different symptoms are worth a call to the doc. i have definitely had the shaking & twitching but have had it either in one little spot (twitching) or more holisticly (shaking) as opposed to one side of the body. some here have described things similar to your experience last night but anything that's new for you is good to run by the doc. it's so easy to assume that anything that happens is POTS-related & while that's often the case there are always other possibilities & often lots of symptom overlap.

hope you're feeling better today,


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to the doctor you should go! New and unusual symptoms are always a reason to get a professional opinion--having POTS or other ans disturbance doesn't make you immune from all the other issues a human can have.

That episode could have been ans issues, but it just as easily could have been a seizure. Get to your doctor--and if it happens again before you can get an appointment, get to the ER.


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