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Anyone seen a neuro-opthamologist?

Deb M.

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I have to see a neuro-opthamologist in a month. (of course I couldn't get in sooner). Part of my unexplained dysautonomia is that I'm having something called nystagmus, which is a uncontrolled shifting in your eye. Mine is very subtle and I have it constantly, which makes everything look like it's vibrating slightly. The docs ruled out any inner ear problems and the regular opthamologist was completely baffled.

Anyone had an experience with a neuro-opthamologist? I don't really know what to expect when I see him...


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Dear Deb,

I saw a neuro-opthamalogist at Froedert Hospital, Milwaukee for vision problems. My neurologist, treating me at the time for "dysautonomia", wanted to get a read on the vision problems I was having - blurry vision unrelated to quantifiable circumstances. The upshot - mostly normal. If anything was wrong, it wasn't wrong enough to treat or to tell me about.

My appointment did not include a refraction. I was given a thorough peripherial vision exam (not like at WalMart), a very lengthy "scrutiny" of the eyeball and nerve, several photographs of the eyeball, a few other non-remarkable tests.

Hope this helps you. As I have experienced with the several neurologists I've now seen, I'm sure neuro opthamologists vary in their approach as much as as the neuro's vary. Some give outstanding exams; others are cursory. I don't know where my neuro-opth falls - cursory or outstanding.


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I've also seen a neuro-opthamologist at U of Penn. I did all sorts of tests, and spent probably half a day at the office before learning that my eyes are just fine. My neurologist sent me to the neuro-opth because of my reports of greying out vision, which I was pretty sure was from my low bp, but my neuro want to be absolutely sure.


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