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POTS and pregnancy

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I just wondered how any of you felt whilst pregnant and after having the baby. We are really wanting to try for a baby but are worried about how my body will cope. Unfortunatley I am also recovering from brain surgery for a cerebral anuerysmal bleed 5 years ago so there are more compliations but I think the majority of my symptoms, extreme fatigue, dizziness, tachycardia, nausea are all POTS related now.

I am also waiting to go into the National hospital in London for test with Prof Mathias (early sept hopefully!). I am assuming that if I was pregnant they couldn't do the tests....it's really tricky as my husband has just said to me why bother with the tests when they don't seem to be able to do much apart from confirm your ANS dysfunction..I understand where he is coming from but think I should have the tests. He really wants to start trying for a baby and I keep saying when I am feeling better...but as you all know will I ever really feel well enough..



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I did a search of previous posts (the search feature is located on the grey bar, left side, just below the "DINET" masthead.

Here are some threads to read through:









That ought to be enough to keep you busy for a while--I didn't give you all the matching threads, there were 4 pages of listed hits searching the word "pregnancy"


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wow! thanks! good to know about the search feature!

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I had been dealing with pots for a few years before I became pregnant with my second child. In regards to my pregnancy I was considered a high risk patient and did have to come of all my meds with the expection of my paxil. At the begining my problems were up and down I had several headaches and did suffer from my pots symptoms at times, however resting did help on these bad days and they could actually give a safe prescription med for my headaches. The great thing is after the first trimester my symptoms stopped completly. The doctors think this may have help with the fluid your body holds during pregnancy. I think now if I could afford it I would stay pregnant all the time just because of the grrrreat way you get to feel for that short few months. The docs at vanderbilt also feel that from recent questions of other pregnant patients they have had these same results. I would have to say go for maybe you too will also be releived from your symptoms a while. Besides that look what you have to gain the love of a child that is never ending.

Best Wishes,

Rita s

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