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Had my endoscopy this morning. They took three biopsies and I wont' hear back for a few days. It mentions gastritis on the report. Mine came on rather quickly. Although I may have had a few very mild instances in the past. Does anyone out there have experience with this condition? Right now it is painful and I am rather miserable. Eating is not going well.

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I have a paraesophageal hernia and GI motility issues. Gastritis is often and usually easily controlled with change of diet, you may also be advised to temporarily raise the head of your bed to reduce reflux while you  sleep. I currently take omeprazole once a day. My cardiologist advised I eat smaller meals about six times a day and try to have some kefir or yogurt a few times daily for probiotics cultures. Also, to assist with digestion and passage, the proctologist told me to cook everything--no raw foods--and then to slowly reintroduce them into my diet. After a couple of years I can eat some melon and iceberg  lettuce, otherwise it's all cooked. I now also, on my own, have learned to avoid foods labeled rustic or artisanal because they are simply food with bigger particles. I wish you well and a speedy return to a happier tummy. Gastritis is very controllable--with management your stomach and digestion problems should settle down quickly. I do want to add one thing, my own experience is that GI management is unforgiving. If you eat or drink what you are not supposed to eat or drink there will be a result that is predictable. 


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18 minutes ago, angelloz said:

Due to migraines I barely eat any variety at all. Rice, potatoes, cooked vegetables, oatmeal with cooked blueberries. A bit of cottage cheese and chicken, that's it.  :( 

That's me. Basic plain white carbs, chicken takes a bit of a time to digest but I can do eggs fine. One of my fave lunches is cottage cheese with pineapple. I buy fresh cubes of pineapple from the cut-up produce section of the grocery, bring them home and cook them using the fresh veggie setting in the microwave. They taste like canned pineapple but sooooo much better. Easy.



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