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Angela and Danelle

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

I haven't heard from you or seen you both in a long time and I was getting worried!! :(:lol: I hope that you're feeling ok and not too sick! Just wanted you to know that you were being thought of and loved!! ;):lol:

I know I haven't been around much and haven't been the best of friend's either!! My migraines have been wrecking havoc on my head. I have actually spent days in bed and in the bathroom. Usually, I try not to let them get me down, but they've been severe because of all our crazy weather.

I pray you both are not suffering too much!! You know me, I'm a worrywart, so check in and let me know how you are!!

Love you both!!! <_<:D

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the board seems extra-quiet overall these days, and i was hoping that it was just the fact that it is summer, kids are home from school, people want to be outside more etc...but i have been worrying about many members of the board lately! like geneva, tea, merrill, steph, tammy, calypso, gena, blackwolf, stacey, morgan, katherine, corina (off to france!), earth mother, and of course, danelle and angela. the list goes on and on and i'm completely foggy and mental blocking at this moment. so please don't be offended if i didn't name your name...! :lol:

i've been away a lot...with computer problems, trying to spend every moment possible in a reclining chair outside, or having visitors...not to mention just trying to SURVIVE the day! aaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh! i hope that others are busy with 'good things' and that is why they aren't around! but know that you are all missed and thought about when you aren't posting!

i'm glad you checked up on these folks mary! you have such a good heart...and did that even while you feel like yuck!

i think that is the hardest part for me...in my heart i want to be a 'better friend' a 'better participant on this forum' and i have to learn that i am doing my best right now...even though it never seems like enough. the quiet times are so hard though and i miss everyone when they are away and when i am away!

later alligators!

love, em

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Guest Mary from OH

Thanks Em for all the others too!! My brain has no more power left. I haven't been on the board in weeks again. That darn head of mine!!! I'd like to chop it of if I could, but I haven't figured out a way to function without it. But, I'm not doing a very good job funtioning WITH it!! LOL!!

Take care and

EVERYONE.... Check iN!!!!! We're worried!!!!!! :lol:B)

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Hi Mary,

I haven't been on in a while-obviously. Haven't really felt like it but i do check in a read a few posts from time to time. also, I managed to make it down to the lake since last week for about 5 days because derrick really wanted to go and so I just sat in the camper. long story about what is going on with me. in a potsy spell right now but wanted to let you know I am still alive. will catch up with you soon when I cant hink better!!! ;)



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