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Autonomic clinics/dr +/- Vegas area?


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Am in the process of relocating to the Vegas area and was curious if anyone else was from there that had a personal recommendation of where to look for a new autonomic (and/or cardiology) clinic.  Looks like there's a few in phoenix, and a few in los angeles, but I can't seem to find anything remotely close.  Sort of sucks about this part because I've been spoiled having the Vanderbilt clinic just 30 minutes down the road lol.

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The closest one that I can think of would be at Stanford.  They have an Autonomic Disorders Clinic and it's run by Dr. Jaradeh and his very capable PA Irina Krugamova.  He's great for the initial visit and she is good to follow up with.  The wait list to see him is about a year, but she's easier to get into. 

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