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prep colonoscopy


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Dear goldicedance

Thank you for your reply, everything is done (thank goodness!) and went fairly well this time. My blood pressure was an issue but everyone at the hospital I dealt with was fantastic. I had an anesthesiologist this time for sedation plus I took my midodrine before hand which bumped up my pressure and I'm glad I did because the pressure went down pretty low due to sedation effects after. They even gave me something for nausea just in case before hand. Everyone was very efficient and compassionate and friendly which made the whole experience a better one than the last one. Mind you I still feel like I've been hit by a bus but at least it was a big improvement than last time. I'm sorry you experienced a migraine from yours I can't imagine that on top of dealing with everything else....that would definitely be the pitts! Don't you just love all our complexities? nothing can ever just be simple it seems.

Thanks again and hope all is well with you.

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sally -

so glad to see & hear you "on the other side." i didn't post a reply to you before b/c my last colonoscopy experience was so horrible...i was already hospitalized b/c of GI bleeding & then the prep ended me up on the cardio unit for several days b/c my BP & HR were so wacky & i couldn't stay conscious while upright at all. i didn't think that would be too encouraging but was hoping you were doing okay. i agree that the prep is horrible...for me it's MUCH worse than the procedure itself. hope you come out of the wiped out aftermath quickly!


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