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Tachy after workout - your experiences?


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I took a chisel and sculpt weight lifting class today.  I felt fine after the class but now 7 hours later my heart is very tachy. Have a high resting heart rate between 104-114.  I also just feel kind of crappy. I'm not sure if it's from the class or something else.  I thought because it wasn't aerobic that it wouldn't mess with my heart but it was a little intense with lots of squats, lunges etc with weights. I have not officially been diagnosed. I have an appt. at the autonomic clinic at Vanderbilt in October.   I have been on Metoprolol before but currently not taking any meds.  Anyone experience this and what do you do to get your resting heartrate back to normal?

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Do you have a HR monitor? I use a Polar chest strap when I workout.

What I've discovered is that my HR is much higher when I do weights. It will be 160s-170s while I squat, do overhead arm presses, etc. But when I do cardio, it's usually in the 140s. So that might be why this wiped you out more than you were expecting.

I have found that over time I've learned to pick up on the cues when I'm overdoing it. I get taken by surprise a lot less now. But it was a lot of trial and error to get here.

To get my HR down I hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (with electrolytes) and rest. 

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