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Chest pain


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Hi in 2015 (23years old) I suffered with bad chest pain that brought me to tears. Could be at work and it happen, sat at home having a cuppa anything caused it.

Upon going gp they found my heart murmur had returned after 17 years. 

I had stress test, bubble echo, ecg all of which came back normal.

They dismissed me after that, the pain comes and goes but recently it has started to affect me more.

It's only since the weather has become a bit chilly that the pain has got quite severe.

I'm a single parent of 2 children 1 with additional needs so this needs sorting and me some answers.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?  What other tests did you have?


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There is something called 'stress cardiomyopathy' you may want to ask your doctor about.  This type of issue is supposedly caused by some type of psychological stress - but a lot of patients don't experience this psychological anxiety symptom so feeling 'stressed' is not an absolute prerequisite.  With this issue they need to look at your left ventricle because the other tests may come out normal.  Also, catecholamine levels tend to be much higher with this - did they test your blood catecholamine levels? 

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