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Compression stockings for sensitive skin? Brands to try or avoid.


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After my daughter's TTT, we bought her Therafirm knee-high compressions socks 20-30mmHg at the doctor's office.  I'd love to get her another pair or two, and I thought I'd see what other ones are out there.  She has really sensitive skin, so the fabric has to be soft enough to not irritate her.  (She couldn't tolerate the sheer Therafirm ones.)  I don't know if we should also order her one in 30-40mmHg to try out.  I just hate to order a million things and return them if I can avoid it.  She's 19, so adult sizing.  

I'd be nice if we could find something cheaper than the $60 we paid, but as a sensitive skinned person, I'm well aware that you sometimes have to pay more to get softer fabrics.  


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This probably depends on how sensitive you are, but I like Sigvaris Eversheer and Juzo Soft.  Eversheer is very easy to put holes in, so I recommend getting thigh high instead of waist high.  Any cheap hose from any brand I tried has been scratchy and irritating.  Sigvaris Access and Judi Basic are wearable, but the really cheap ones that you can get for $35 per pair on discount websites are unbearable.  


Hope this helps.

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The doctor thinks she doesn't need abdominal compression, thankfully.  She decided on knee high because her ankles measure a size bigger than her thighs, so she was concerned thigh highs may slide down when sized comfortably for her ankles.  Also, we're in Texas, and it is HOT until the end of September.  We'll see if she wants to try thigh highs once it cools off end of October.

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