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Sort of an update


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I still haven't been diagnosed with anything because I do not have the money to keep going to the doctors, but I have managed to see a cardiologist and my heart was fine. There was nothing physically wrong with my heart. 

The person who recommended that I see a cardiologist just in case, also recommended that I see a neurologist, which I haven't done yet. 

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My heart is beyond fine...my lungs too. All the tests demonstrate that I have an athletic heart and my lung capacity is like 148% of normal. The point is, you can have dysautonomia and have an otherwise gorgeous heart and lungs...as seen on basic tests. When I got the level 3 stress test (including heart catheterization), they found that my veins are not returning the blood back to my heart...normal returning pressure is 12-20 mm Hg and mine was 0-2 mm Hg. Apparently, the lack of innervation or misinervation of my veins makes them wicked lazy!

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